Sumec Firman 2.9kva Generator Key Start ECO3990ES


Area of Use: Home Office|Outdoor
Color: Red
Main Material: 100% COPPER
Model: ECO-3990ES
Product Line: Soo34 Global links
Weight (kg): 41


The Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES is a Semi Silent Zero gravity Power generating machine, Its Max Power output 2900W, Running 2600W (3.2kva) output This model comes with a REMOTE CONTROL that you can sit inside your home and ON or OFF the generator you dont have to go out again or even show the generator the remote before using it all you need to do if there is power outage is to press the ON on the REMOTE and the generator will start one hand same is power comes ON just press the OFF button and the generator goes OFF

This is generator you will enjoy using as it consumes far less fuel than other generator of the same size and it comes with a 100%copper coil to withstand load.

PDF Specifications:


Its fuel tank capacity is 15L, 0.9L Oil Capacity 9h Operation Hours at 75% Load. ECO 3990ES.R


Oil Capacity: 0.6 L
9h Operation Hours @ 75% Load
European Socket AC: 250V 16A x 2
AC Circuit Breaker: 11.4A-1PX1
Battery: 12V7.5Ah


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